Ultralift Review - The best cover lifter on the market today?

We often get questions from our users about cover lifters for their hot tubs so, over the past year, we have bought and torture tested dozens of cover lifters and we have found what we believe to be the best lifter on the market today. The Ultralift is well designed, well engineered and extremely well built to last for years. For a bit more info, here's the product description:

" The Ultralift line of cover lifters are, in our opinion, the best hot tub cover lifters on the market. We have tested dozen of lifters and found the Ultralift to be the strongest, most durable and best engineered lifter available today. Made right here in North America, the Ultralift is made from aircraft grade powder coated aluminum and carries a limited lifetime warranty. The boomerang is a revolutionary design in hot tub cover lifters for easy opening and hideaway storage! Using a dual shock system, it lifts the cover and places it behind the tub - providing the user with a clean visual line - allowing you to see your backyard, socialize with guests and keep an eye on any children or pets while using their hot tub. The Visionlift also provides a full 360 degree view. "

Yes we do sell these lifters on our site but, the truth is, we can sell any lifter (or any product for that matter) simply because of our reach and influence in the hot tub market. We are very picky about what we will sell on the site and the Ultralift lineup has passed all of our tests with flying colors.

Check out our video review by clicking the video link below, and get your lifter HERE!