Hot Tub Evaluator

Over the years we have developed a massive database of all the brands and models of hot tubs available on the market and we are constantly updating that list with new and updated information.

Now we have developed a powerful algorithm which takes over 60 inputs and grades a hot tub based on a weighted scoring system. This means you can trust the data coming from the evaluator because it is based on science. No opinions are any form of bias, just straight up scoring based on how a quality hot tub should be constructed.

If you have narrowed your choice down and just need confirmation that your selection is a solid one then simply fill in the form and receive a two page detailed report on the hot tub.

Here is a sample of the report you will receive. Don't worry if the tub you are looking at is not listed in our system, simply enter the brand and model and we will get the relevant information and add it to our database and you will still get your report!

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Hot Tub Evaluator
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Recieve a detailed report on a hot tub!

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