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The Intelligent Way to Manage Your Spa.

Manage your water chemistry and sanitizer, get instant help with water issues, quick and easy troubleshooting of hardware problems, and request service with the touch of a button.
All with one easy to use app!

Water Testing

Perform a water test quickly and easily by simply dipping your test strip and setting the sliders to the colors and values observed. Spa Star is best paired with Aqua Test test strips, but Spa Star works with any test strip. Touch Get Results and Spa Star will automatically calculate the additions of chemicals to bring your water into balance ensuring that your spa always has crystal clear and healthy, safe water.

Water Issues

Quickly and easily diagnose water issues such as cloudiness, discoloration, foam and more. Spa Stars sophisticated algorithm will use your latest water test in conjuction with the issues you specify to diagnose the problem and give you corrective action to take. Detailed instructions will guide you every step of the way to eliminate guesswork and to get your water back to crystal clear in no time.


When trouble strikes, you have a companion that will guide you through determining what the root issue is with your spa. Save unnecessary service calls with problems that you can quickly and easily rectify yourself. For service, Spa Star gives you a clear indication of the problem, allowing you to give a your service technician accurate information to ensure the problem can be fixed efficiently.


Set reminders to alert you when it's time to check your water, rinse your filter or change filters, add conditioners or anything else spa related. Set reminders to repeat each day week, month or year so you never again miss doing your spa maintenance.

Easy to Use

The intuitive interface makes it easy to know exactly what to do to get the most from Spa Star.


No more complex calculations for adding chemicals. Spa Star does the work for you quickly and accurately.


Let Spa Star do the hard work of diagnosing issues so you can focus on enjoying your spa.


Spa Star is backed by a large and comprehensive service center network so help is only a click away.

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