Private Phone Consultation

One of the main purposes of Hot Tub University has been to help people navigate the complex marketing-filled Hot Tub industry.

Buying a Hot Tub can be an expensive and stressful task, after a lot of requests for more involved help, I put together the Consultation Service this year, and it has already grown to be an integral part of our website.

How It Works

How the phone consultation service works is simple - We arrange a time and get on the phone (or better still video chat) where I can answer your questions and dig into your area to recommend the best brands from the best dealers and advise you on what would be a fair price for the hot tub you want. I’ll cut through any sales bullshit you may have encountered and give you a real, un-biased and knowledgeable opinion on your choices and options.

I can guarantee you will be far better prepared to deal from a position of strength and knowledge when you negotiate your deal.

Assistance Type:
Consult With Chris
$99.00 USD

Recieve a scheduled phone call from Chris Wheatley for a consultation and much more!

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