Ask the Experts

Here at Hot Tub University we have combined almost a century of experience in the hot tub industry (yeah we’re all old……) so we know all the marketing tricks and the pitfalls that customers can fall into. Here you can ask us specific questions about your hot tub purchase and one of us will respond to you.

Please keep a couple things in mind though:

We don’t generally speak to specific pricing on models because there are so many variables in dealers pricing models. Things like geography, market conditions and stocking levels all contribute to pricing changes and these things can change quickly so we don’t want inaccurate pricing information on the site.

We are a business and we sell services such as our consultations and private buyers service that are of excellent value so we won’t generally get into long back and forth discussion for a purchase. That’s what our services are for and we have to eat too………

So, go ahead and ask your question by simply leaving a comment below. It will appear with our reply once we make sure your not a robot or an evil monster and you’ll get an email notification when the reply is posted.