Hot Tub Retail locations

Retail locations can be a good thing or a bad thing.

The first problem with retail Locations is the Overhead! Rates, taxes, rent and staff can quickly add $20,000-$50,000 in monthly overhead for a retailer and the person ultimately paying for that overhead is you the buyer! In the Hot Tub and swim spa market this can mean $2000-$5000 on the cost of a Hot Tub and up to $10,000 on the cost of a swim spa just to help that retailer pay for that overhead!

The other consideration is the retailers commitment to that product line. What I mean by that is examine their business and see how important your hot tub or swim spa purchase is to that retailer. You will find for instance that pool companies that sell Hot Tubs and swim spas typically have these products as a bolt on to their core business, this means that not only is the Hot Tub and swim spa market not their primary concern but also that their knowledge support and costing is likely not as good as a dedicated Hot Tub Swim Spa dealer. You might think Pools and Hot tubs have a lot in common but they really do not. Everything about them from the water chemistry right down to the parts and systems are entirely different!




  1. Looked at a Master Spas tub at the Strawberry festival in Florida. The nearest dealer from Sanford Florida is about 3 hours away. Should we consider this spa because of the distance. Owned a Master Spa before, but we lived in Indiana about 2 hours from the factory. They had a mileage charge because of the distance even on warranty work.

    • Depends, you have a ton of independents there which can make a remote purchase a good thing, talk to the dealer see what they have on the ground for you.

  2. looking at Master Sps’s, but the dealer is 3 hours away. Should I buy a tub where the dealer is so far away?

    • depends on the dealer, 3 hours is not much and right around you there are 4 independent service guys, call the dealer and ask what support he has on the ground.

      a dealer with great communication can easily take great care of a customer 500 or even 1000 miles away and half the local guys can’t even take care of their local market.

  3. Chuck Seideneck

    Just started researching HTs in Jersey – and now that I found your site, I am overwhelmed, but in a good way as there is tons of good info there. Any suggestions on retailers in central jersey? Also, where would I find your top 5 brands – from perusing your site, I see Master (doesn’t look like in my area), Artesian, Marquis, but looking to see some others if those are out of my price range. Thanks in advance.

    • East Coast Spas
      Status: HTU All-Star

      I know the Henry boys well, they run a good operation and take great care of customers. When we endorse a retailer as an All-Star it means we actually meet and go over the people and the business to ensure a good level of care and they need to be carrying a line we like. When you buy from an Approved All-Star you can use us if you every have an issues and we will wack them into compliance with our big stick 🙂
      Details from Google Maps
      1424 Easton Rd #300, Hatboro, PA 19040
      +1 215-420-7106
      4.1View in Google Maps

  4. Master hot tubs do not return phone calls even to a store owner in houghton lake who wanted to know if they could sell master spas. Can you comment on that? I wanted to buy a master spa but ended up with a Nordic because of no response from master.

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