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With the marathon season upon us I thought I would offer some insights into how your hot tub can help you win that big race.

Soak in a hot tub BEFORE your run!

Soaking before a run can loosen muscles and help you be more productive out of the gate but beware of these things:

  • Don’t over do it! a short 5 minute soak will help loosen muscles and get the blood flowing to joints but after 5 minutes you run the risk of tiring your muscles and dehydrating.
  • Hydration is key to any successful run and more so if you are going to pre-soak.
  • Hydrate 30-60 Minutes before your run and keep hydrating through your soak, warm up and run with small drinks as needed, the rule is if your thirsty drink!

Soaking in a Hot Tub AFTER a Run

While you might think soaking immediately after a run will help your muscles recover more quickly it turns out that that might not be the case. Dehydration, and inflamed muscles and joints can be exasperated by getting into a hot tub which can further dehydrate you and increase blood flow to those already inflamed joints and muscles.

  • Always take advantage of a cool-down period to relax and stretch the muscles for at least 30 minutes or more after your run.
  • Jump in the hot tub later that day or the next day.
  • If you have sore muscles and joints following a runt then that  is the time to use the hot tub to help ease your soreness. Hot water can assist in relieving pain and now that the swelling of muscles and joints is down the Hydrotherapy can do its work flushing toxins from your muscles and the buoyancy will help relieve stress on the joints allowing your body to recover more quickly.
  • Get the jets hitting the sore spots and remember stay hydrated!






  1. Chris,

    Thanks SO much for your website. Unfortunately, in all of the San Francisco Bay Area the only way to buy a Master Spas Twilight was to go to regular Expo show. They only sold them with no optional features. The only option I was curious about was the Mast3rPur system. Can you tell me if that option is worth it, and if so how I’d go about adding it post-purchase, or if that’s even possible?

    • Hi eric

      San fran has a ton of small local service guys, you should be ok down there.

      I wouldn’t order with any extras, Masterpur is as good or better than most of the chem reduction systems but the lowest chem and easiest to maintain is the standard eco pure system and Aquafinesse… I get to 1/2 a part per million of chlorine. I also hate circ pumps… bad tech with loads of issues and no upside at all and you can only get masterpur with circ pump.

  2. Well, you have convinced Chris in regards the Master brand of hot tubs. But I cannot find a dealer in the greater Seattle area. Any ideas or direction will be greatly appreciated.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. My wife and I are from Syracuse and we are looking to buy a Hot Tub. We are concerned about energy loss in real cold winter and are looking for a long term value. We have a number of dealers in the area but because there is no concrete information, It is very confusing with various pricing schemes and advertising terminology reflecting the same items. We are looking for a 3-5/6 person tub. Any help we can get from the Dean of the Hot Tub University would be apprciated. Thanks

    • Hey Frank.

      It’s not you man, its a nightmare trying to sort out the Bullshit from the Bananas.

      Lots of the big brands with all the fancy marketing but there is a guy sells the garden Leisure from Artesian, I just a factory tour there, they are doing a good job,

      Also these guys do the whole line TUCKER BACKYARD POOLS & SPAS
      New Hartford, NY. 13413 US

      Telephone: (315) 507-4630
      Categories: Garden Spas, Island Spas, Platinum Elite, Service and Repair, South Seas Spas, TidalFit

  4. Veronica Chobanian

    We live in Newport RI. We are looking at 2 spas.
    1. Caldera Tarino originally $7100, now $5999.
    2. Nordic encore, $5400.
    This is our first tub and aren’t sure which one is the better buy.

  5. Hey just wondering if the power went out for days like 4 years ago what good you do to keep the tub from freezing up got the twilight 8.2 in September so far so good would a small propane heater work thanx

  6. Btw it’s a Nordic encore LS
    $5500 delivered with a cover and lift. Also a year or so worth of chemicals.

  7. Hi, thank you so much for posting all your wisdom and experience!! Saved me from buying a hot tub at “big box”
    Was totally ready to pull the trigger till I saw your video on Costco.

    I went to my local dealer who carries strong and Nordic hot tubs, clearly I’m not going with a strong because of your video and the dealers recommendation. He swears by the Nordic brand, said they are at the top of their class for true hydrotherapy. They have dts “dual therapy system” which is their clams to fame. I own a hardwood floor co. Which installs and finishes floors. I am bent over daily and on my knees sometimes 70 hours a week. I’ve been in the industry for 23 years and will be for another 20 years. I don’t have any injuries yet, try to take care of myself, but I can feel it more than I ever have. I’m trying to mitigate pain and long term damage as mych I can. The reason for the tub….

    • The Nordic is a good solid reliable spa, I’m not nuts on the insulation but it’s not a nightmare just not my top insulation system… all in all a good spa.

  8. Your website is AWESOME, and my wife and were so glad that we found it. Thank you very much sharing your knowledge with all of us readers interested in becoming spa owners!
    Unfortunately, we recently learned we don’t have a Master Spa dealer in our area and they’re only available intermittently at nearby home shows. Marquis spas have what appears to be a reputable local dealer. We’ve been looking at their Celebrity lineup and was hoping you could provide your opinion of the single pump Broadmoor versus their two pump Hollywood spa

    • The Marquis is a well-made spa. single pump systems typically are about hot water and have limited massage and the Broadmore is this, a nice reliable simple hot tub with a few jets. The Hollywood has a better jetting package and more jets.

      so really you need to decide what you are looking for, if its mainly hot water and relaxation then don’t spend the extra money, but remember… you can not add power or jets down the road and you will have that spas for a long time.

  9. Hello,
    Love your site. Wondering about your opinion on strong spas. Looking at summit plus series sl40. Only 1 5BHP pump for 40 jets though. Also perimeter insulation instead of full foam. Otherwise, I don’t know about any of their components or their reputation. I know they are a small player. Budget is $5000 and they can get the sl40 to around that price. Your thoughts?

  10. Terrific website!
    I have owned a Pageant Spa (Quorum, no longer made) for 30 years. Replace the spa pack once, replace the two speed motor, been through countless ozone systems, both UV bulb and corona discharge type, rebuilt the entire cabinet, and gone through a couple of bottles of stop-leak…its time to replace the spa.
    We don’t need fancy lights, waterfalls, loungers and domes that take up foot well space..just need a modest number of jets, good ozone system, good insulation…
    Looking at: 7 X 7, no lounger

    Artesian Island Series Captiva with 33 jets, no waterfall (yay) – $6700
    Marquis Celebrity Vegas with 50 jets – $6600
    Artesian Tropic Seas Kona (has smallish foot well dome (not ideal for us but might be tolerable)

    or lastly
    Caldera Vanto with 35 jets (foot well dome seems moderately sized, still leaving room to maneuver around)

    Thanks for all your great advice and hard work!
    You are the Mayor of Hot Tub City!

    • I would go to the Artesian or Marquis. both well-built spas.

      The rest is personal preference so you need to decide what fits you better

  11. Hey, not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I just bought a twilight 8.2. We absolutely love it. I was wondering if there is a way to increase the jet timer from 15 minutes to 30. We have the touch screen. Thanks!

  12. My husband and I are looking at getting our first hot tub. We live in Vancouver WA. We are looking for a good number of jets and therapeutic quality. We checked out a few stores today and have it narrowed down to 3 tubs.
    1. Arctic Cub Signature @ $12,417
    2. Artesian Antigua Elite @ 10,334
    3. ThermoSpa Concord Platinum @ $14,073
    Which would you go with? Any positives or negatives would be greatly appreciated!

    • Absolutely the Artesian of that group. They build a good spa, they spend the money on what matters.

      The Arctic I really don’t like, they use inexpensive proprietary parts, don’t glue and clamp the plumbing lines, and don’t spend much on the insulation… if you could relax in the brochure you’d be in business but in the real they just do not spend the money on the tub.

  13. I purchased a Viking hot tub about three years ago with a ten year warranty on the tub. The second year into the purchase, I noticed the lining peeling away from the surface on one of the seat bottoms. I called the store where we purchased the tub and they contacted Viking. Viking told them that unless the peeling is causing the tub to leak, they weren’t responsible. They said it had to be a “chemical problem”. Having had hot tubs since 1980, I’ve never had this issue before. I drained the tub a few months later and discovered that the same thing was happening to two other seat bottoms. The surface is beginning to bubble up just like the first seat and will soon begin to peel. The seat I use (I live alone) is not doing this. No one seems to know what’s going on and Viking has turned their back. Having paid over $5,000 for this unit, I expect the surface lining to last longer than two years.

    • This blistering is likely delamination these plastic shells and rigidizing systems are a pain in the ass it’s why the top end of the industry went back to good old fibreglass acrylic hand rolled shells.

      They Claim a lifetime warranty and no not have surface exclusions except for “Minor blemishes or scratches” I would go after them if they will not repair or replace it (and if it is blistering in many spots they should replace it) then file papers in small claims court… its cheap and they will likely cave because they won’t stand a chance in court anyway.

      Another way to get them to step up to the plate is shoot photos and post the story everywhere on social media one post every couple days on different media sites, forums, etc… Each time you post send them and the local dealer an email with a link to the post. Make sure you stay with factual information but this will likely bring them to the table.

  14. Hi, so happy I found your site! Was totally hooked on either buying a jacuzzi or artic. Thank you for the info!

    We are looking for our first hot tub. Water quality is very important to us. Is it possible to get a tub with water maintenance where u don’t have to shower after s soak? Hope that’s not a stupid question:)

    Also, I have neck and back issues which is my incentive in buying a tub. I know u recommend the twilight series but I believe closest dealer is about an hour away. I live in Hamilton Ontario Canada. We do have a marquis and beachcomber dealer close by. Is it worth travelling the hour or us marquis on the same level as masters?

    Thanks for any insight.

    • Hi

      There a number of systems for water and the reality is the best chem free systems are the aftermarket stuff, check out this video.

      An hour is not a big issue for a good dealer, the Twilight is really above and beyond but the hi end Marquis is a very close second, for neck jets the twilight is crazy, you can divert a whole 6hp pump tot he neck jet seat.

  15. any experience with premium leisure spas or pinnacle?

    • Yeah, lots and none of it very positive.

      We had a local guy here sold them for a few years then went bust and ran off. We ended up servicing a lot of them. The parts were good but the shell and plumbing and insulation were not.

  16. What are the brands beside Master and Marquis that you recommend?

    • Artesian, and any that follow the golden rules:

      Hand roll a good fibreglass shell with a vinyl ester resin barrier and put enough layers that the shell is self-supporting… no props, pedestals, or supports or other gimmicks needed to make it stay together. No miracle resins, plastics or other gimmicks.
      Use the Top North American parts Like waterways and Balboa
      Fill the cavity with a good Icynene foam or comparable product
      Glue and clamp all the plumbing lines.

  17. This is the most amazing sure EVERRR, and I’m so glad that we found it, thank you for your service that you’re giving to us all!
    Based on your recommendations, we are currently looking at the Master Spa Twilight series, and I inquired about price from one of the dealers recommended from the Master Spa site. We expressed an interest in the 8.2 and the 8.25 – this is the response that we rcvd and I’d love it if your could critique this price!!

    “In a retail store, the 8.2 and 8.25 (there is no price difference between the two) sell for $12,995 (plus tax). If we can order through one of our factory-direct events (we have a few coming up in the next month), the discount is significant, and we also include the cover, steps, delivery, and chemical kit. The price for either would be $10,395 (plus tax).”

    • Hi Marie

      $12,995 is about right (USD)and if they are doing a big expo event then the factory offers them some decent rebates they can apply. I would say the $10,395 price is a bit low and they will likely try and upsell you some stuff to get into the reasonable range 🙂

      Frankly even if you paid $12,995 it’s really one of the best tubs out there right now and lots of the mid grade big hype brands are getting more than that.

    • Hi Marie

      $12,995 is about right (USD)and if they are doing a big expo event then the factory offers them some decent rebates they can apply. I would say the $10,395 price is a bit low and they will likely try and upsell you some stuff to get into the reasonable range 🙂

      Frankly, even if you paid $12,995 it’s really one of the best tubs out there right now and lots of the mid grade big hype brands are getting more than that.

  18. Johnny Franklin

    What is a price you should pay for a great hot tub? Around $7,000+?

    Also, which brand is best Dimension 1, Jacuzzi, Hot Springs, and Bullfrog. How about pros and cons of each brand?

    • Hi Johnny

      $7k is the right money for one of two things… I good basic hot tub that is built right, OR a flashy hot tub with lots of bells, whistles, and bullshit that will fall apart regularly.

      So First Off Jacuzzi, Dimension one, and Sundance are all owned by the same company and I’m not a huge fan of any of them. They all use mid grade proprietary parts that just fit their tubs, and frankly they are of that big brand ilk that spends half the money building the spa and half bullshitting about how great it is 🙂 I way prefer a brand that is spending the money on the good reliable easy to source parts and the build quality and not so much on the spin the hype and the marketing… Hot Springs is the same, lots of mid-grade proprietary parts and a lot of fancy spin and crazy pitches with some questionable tech…

      Bullfrog IMHO is a gimmick really. Those jet packs seriously limit where the jets can go, and while reducing the amount of pipe does help flow rates a bit using loop plumbing means inconsistent pressure, the first seat gets loads of flow and the next ones less and less. Frankly, the reason modern spas use so much pipe is because we can then use manifold pressurisation which is efficient and offers a better consistency on the jet pressure, loop jetting is actually old tech that these guys are rebranding as new innovation. Using way less pipe, and a thin cradle supported shell really reduces the cost to built this hot tub compared to a manifold pressurised tub and the reality is this really should be an inexpensive spa yet they try and get big bucks for it! They also have issues with the water behind the packs getting manky because there is not enough water flow back there. That combined with the thin shell made by spraying a rigidizing layer with props and supports to hold it together and keep it from breaking instead of spending the time and money on a good, expensive hand rolled fibreglass shell puts this tub firmly in the mid grade end of the market. The reality is well-made spas with glued and clamped joints do not leak, have great jet performance and the jets can be swapped out easily to change the configuration of the massage seats easily and inexpensively and there are way more variety of jets and locations for them. This brand created issues out of non-issues and then solved the non-issues with questionable tech and frankly build to a mid grade standard. …. I love real innovation, I have nothing for disdain for this pseudo-innovation that is more about spin and bullshit than it is about real innovation for your benefit.

  19. Hi
    A question from the UK, we have been looking for a good therapy tub, we are getting the aches and pains of old age. We have been offered a master spa Revolution year 2016 £3250 or a Maquis Mirage 2013 £4250. In your opion which would consider the Best Buy, is either one of these makes better than the other.
    The other option is to buy new a Marquis Spirit seems to fit the bill but will cost us £7500 as an ex demo model. Have you any recommendations for a 3/4 person good massage tub.
    Kind regards

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