Hot Tub water care tip for the summer


With summer coming on the bather load in your hot tub will change to lotion slathered greased up bodies. The addition of sun screens and other oils into your hot tub means filters clogging up, oils film on the surface and ring around the hot tub.

This simple trick can help make your summer water care much easier.

Get a spa ball or scum ball from your local retailer, they are made of special fabric that absorbs oil but not water. They float around the surface and collect excess oils drastically reducing the effect on your water quality of all these contaminates.




  1. Thank you for your informative site. Really helped us make our decision. Primarily purchasing for hydrotherapy for joint condition and auto accident injuries. We chose a Master Spa Twilight 7.2 stock model from the factory which we are fortunate enough to live close to. Standard package with Ecopur, Mast3rPur, QuietFlo, cover, steps, coverlift and ext warranty (everything but stereo, wifi and upgraded lighting). $7250+ uncle Sam’s share. All that said, this is our first tub and understanding the system and navigating thru all the chemicals available is a bit mind boggling. What would you recommend for this tub? Very sensitive skin in our family. Thanks!

    • I don’t usually do eco pur so I really don’t have a lot of advice email me what you are doing right now and what issues you are having or email yer phone and we can have a chat

  2. Chris,

    We’re really enjoying our Twilight 8.25, had it about 2 months now. Not having any issues, but want to ask about filters.


    Using Aquafinesse/dichlor powder (getting ready to try trichlor tabs). Water pH/alk/Cal levels been good. Have started using a drop or two of the foam out stuff I were given by my dealer.

    Haven’t used a filter cleaning puck yet, but have been rinsing out the filters weekly as recommended by my dealer.

    Was thinking about putting in a new set of filters, while I deep clean the originals.

    1. Can I deep clean, rinse and let dry the originals, to be re-used next swap out? Or would you recommend just cleaning one at a time, and returning them to the tub, rather than drying them out?

    2. Is there a huge difference in performance/effectiveness of replacement brands? I realize Pleatco makes a good filter, but the price difference between Pleatco and a knock off is significant. And do you have any recommendations?

    Mark B from Philly

  3. Hi Chris,
    Mark here again. I’ve decided to go with the Master Twilight 8.2 and use AquaFinesse (due to your excellent reviews and my research) to maintain the water quality. My question is : what else do I need to start the tub off right chemical wise? PH strips etc… There are so many things out there (Starter Kits) that its a confusing mess. Any recommendations on products that you’ve had experience with? Again, thanks for your great info on the website. I owe you a beer if you ever come down to WA state, Tacoma area!

    • I swear Im going to open a store in that area… crazy how much action i get down there…

      im going to email you a tip sheet.

  4. I recently received a lung transplant and the doctors are saying no more spa usage because of the bacteria.

    I remember on another blog you mentioned a chemical that prevents a film from building up in the spa that protects the bacteria. I would like to do additional research on that chemical in hopes of changing their minds.

    What was the name of that chemical? I believe that is was around $40 a month.

    • there are products that inhibit bio film formation that help reduce bacteria.

      dude don’t sex9nd guess yet doctor. he says no more then stay away…

    • there are products that inhibit bio film formation that help reduce bacteria.

      dude don’t seconnd guess yet doctor. he says no more then stay away…

  5. I recently received a lung transplant and they are telling me no more spa use because of the bacteria. I remember you mentioning a chemical that prevents a film that builds up in the spas that protects the bacteria.

    I want to do more research on that chemical to see if I can try to change their mind, but I can’t remember what it was called. I think you said it was about $40/month.

    • Chad listen to your doctor… if he says your hot tubbing days are over then I would heed the advice or seek other medical second opinions…

      • I will, I just want to make sure they have all the information. I am guessing the decision to tell patients no more spas was made 30+ years ago. Water care has changed since then.

        If they still say no, I will accept that. A second chance at life does not come along for many people.

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