The hot tub parts game and how it affects your long term satisfaction

A small number of Hot Tub companies have started making parts that just fit their spas. These proprietary parts are cheaper, fail more often, and lock you into always buying the cheap unreliable part from the people who put you into the mess in the first place… Don’t be fooled… Proprietary parts are done to cut costs and increase profits and offer no benefits to the consumer.


  1. Chris, Awesome site and very helpful. I’m in Florida and wondering your opinion of the Premium Leisure line of spas. They advertise the use of Balboa Controls which you favor but I cannot find whether they use Waterway jets and other high quality components. Your opinion, please. Thanks.

  2. Chris ..once again thanks greatly appreciate your input… so.this hot tub thing has more layers than an onion ,,,narrowing it down. to the Marquis brand but the HK™ proprietary jets isconcerning ..meaning these jets can only be replaced by Marquis manufactured parts are the other parts “proprietary” and not universal as well? The dealer mentioned the jets are non ball bearing that good ..bad…in-different ? I’m good with all other aspects of the manufacturing except those two items ….what do you think ?..

  3. Cal spa or Hot Springs 110 plug & play 3 person.

    Which one or none.

    Thank you for your advice.

    • can’t decide, although I think the HS uses the baLboa control… on their 110v lines.. so Hot Springs.. I think… 🙂

  4. Living in Lake Havasu City Az,, where hot tub choices are limited, but considering a Hot Springs Pulse or Tropic Seas Oahu. The Tropic Seas does have Balboa parts, but other that not sure about quality of the either tub. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Hi, trying to decide between a master clarity precision 7 and a twilight 7.25. The clarity is more in our price range, but is there a reason we should wait/save and get the twilight? What are the big differences? Sorry if I posted twice. I couldn’t find my post.

    • Massage.

      The Twilight is a super high-end performance spa, loads of big therapy massage jets 2 massive pumps and flow-control, it’s an animal for someone who wants or needs real therapy massage. There are very few spas that can touch it for raw performance.

      The Clarity build wise is every bit as good and has a good massage systems in it but its focus is space and being able to accommodate a lot of fo bodies… you need to determine what you want out of your hot tub

  6. hi chris, trying to figure out how to post my question. a great site with so much info. was considering a few options based on the info you provided for my area beaverton oregon1. coast tub by spalogic. i see the threaded jets but not glued and clamped. also see the full insulation option. looking atvthe marquis elite series, the wish? they want 10k for that. any comments on these two? i have not looked at the artesian yet

  7. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for the Excellent information and videos. Super informative 😁Few questions for you, if you don’t mind .
    What is a fair price for the Artesian Antigua elite hot tub? I live in Florida
    Also, the area where I plan to place it is on a patio made with dirt, crushed concrete and covered with travertine. Will this area be sufficient to support the filled tub? Thank you so much for your time 😉

    • I’m not sure the recommended number for that spa but looking at the specs and considering they have a good solid build quality I would think somewhere around the 9k to $12k depending on the add-ons and where you are… some states and especially cities will simply be more expensive because it is more expensive to do business in those markets.

  8. Great info and videos.
    Can you help me find a Masters Spa dealer in the Kansas City Kansas area?
    I’d be willing to travel 100 miles from KC.
    Thanks for all the great advise.

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